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About Us

  The Mirror has been an integral part of human history because it symbolizes the world and self. The word derives from Latin “Mirari”, which means to admire. At Wild Mirrors we admire how our ancestors prepared food in its natural habitat where flavors were more pronounced than anywhere else - these dishes tasted delicious and healthy!


  At Wild Mirrors, we pride ourselves on providing our guests with healthy food where ingredients come from nature, combined in a wild and fun way. Our poultry is cage-free and organic, while our beef is grass-fed and fish wild caught.


  We offer a social dining experience that goes beyond the food itself. Our unique food and drink pairings create an opportunity for celebration and conversation. We believe in creating a meaningful connection with our guests, and what better way to do that than through food? 


  Come join us at Wild Mirrors and taste the wild side of dining!

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